What do candles and Judo have in common?

Written by Jim Feenan on 02/03/2016

Della Thomas writes: I have been delighted to work with Jim and others from the Carnegie Judo Club to raise funds to help this very worthwhile endeavour. Through offering PartyLite candle parties in the home, we have not only experienced some beautiful exclusive products (not available on the high street), had fun, caught up with old friends, played some games, drank some wine, had some lovely nibbles, won amazing prizes AND we have raised money too!! A win-win! An ethos I know Fighting Chance would be proud of because why should there be losers?

But unfortunately there are people who are not as advantaged as others and people who do lose out every day, through no fault of their own, because of the disadvantaged life and challenging circumstances that surround them. The Fighting Chance Project Scotland offers hope and is dedicated to helping young disadvantaged people realise their potential through sharing with them the values of judo.

So of course I am keen to offer some further fund raising opportunities through PartyLite parties and look forward to connecting up to do more of this, but before I go, to answer the question – what do candles and Judo have in common? Well how about Zen Tyme? A beautiful fragrance of tranquil white sage and thyme fused with lotus flower. It creates Zen! Perfect for getting the right mindset for Judo, self-discipline, self-awareness and reflection.




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